About Walter Kirn

Author of Blood Will Out: Walter Kirn

Portrait by Alexis Dahan

I live in Montana and California but go to NYC a lot. I have a fiancé. I have kids. I grew up in a town of 500 where a noon siren sounded every day so people who worked outside knew what time it was. The town of 7,000 where I live now is pretty bombed out from the recession. I went to Princeton. Loathed it. I loved Oxford, though. The movie Up in the Air is based on my novel. George Clooney played me. He could have stolen my fiancé and showed signs that he knew it, but he didn’t. I think that indicates class. In both of them. The movie Thumbsucker is based on my novel. Of all the Hollywood people I’ve met, my favorite is R. Downey Jr., a shining psychedelic optimist. I saw Samuel Beckett on the street once in Edinburgh wearing a long navy blue wool coat. It was like seeing a great British sailing frigate from the Empire days come knifing up a little river; that shocking, that beautiful. I also met, unexpectedly, Jorge Luis Borges once, long after I thought he was dead. It was 1985. It was like meeting Kafka. He recited a speech from King Lear (in English) and then explained how it might be improved.

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